TammyI find nature awing and inspiring. I love animals. Animals are great teachers and masters of unconditional love. I love to smile. I feel the energy of a smile is one of the greatest gifts you can share. I have a passion for happiness and living life. 

I am both a practitioner and a client.  My past "dis-ease" has helped me to gain insight and understanding that I could never have been taught. I have learned that the body speaks in many ways and that the greatest healing begins with choosing to listen.

My Practice

My practice is an integration of my individuality, education, experience, and spirituality. My desires as a practitioner are to help people to rediscover the fullness of their being; to find and return to true joy and passion in living; to feel well physically, emotionally and mentally and to unleash their true potential to manifest the life they have always wanted.

I truly believe in the therapies I offer and I utilize them in maintaining my own health. I truly believe in an integrated approach to wellness and health that includes traditional medical care, chiropractic, acupuncture, Reiki, energy work, nutrition, meditation, visualization, essential oils, herbs and flower essence, etc. All therapies have their place. I acknowledge and respect that each client is an individual and what may appeal to and benefit one may not another.

My practice is not religion based. I welcome all faiths and beliefs. I offer an environment and relationship of non-judgmental acceptance and support. My goal is to create a client-practitioner relationship that allows the client to be open and honest with themselves thus bringing forth that which is out of balance.

I do not medically diagnose or prescribe treatment. The therapies I provide are not a substitute for medical examinations, diagnoses and/or treatment. I do not advise you to discontinue any medical treatment you may be receiving or discontinue any medication you may be taking. I recommend that you see a physician, or other qualified medical professional, for any medical ailment you may have. I may also ask that you be in the care of a qualified psychotherapist. My treatments and our work together are intended to be in harmony with any other treatments you may undertake. I encourage you to freely discuss all other treatments with me. Also, I encourage you to discuss our work with your physician and other members of your care team.

My practice includes the treatment of animals.


Registered Nurse, Brennan Healing Science® Practitioner, Reiki Master, U.S. Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Personal Fitness Trainer and Aerobics Instructor, Diana Cooper School Angel Teacher and Transform Your Life Teacher

Tammy Marinaro has been in the healthcare field since 1988 when she earned a degree in nursing and began her career as a registered nurse in the United States. She worked in various departments in hospital medicine for six years before moving out of the hospital and into family practice where she spent eleven years working with an amazing physician who practices preventative medicine and treats patients holistically, seeing each patient as a whole person rather than an illness or a disease. This experience profoundly influences Tammy's pursuits and healing practice. Tammy became a registered adult nurse in the United Kingdom in 2006.

Tammy's passion for the workings and healing of the body, mind and spirit have led her to pursue an education in physical fitness, massage therapy, yoga, Reiki and Brennan Healing Science®.

Tammy is a graduate of the bachelor degree programme of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing®; a four year programme "for the study of bio-energy systems, the Human Energy Field, and applications for hands-on healing and personal transformation." BBSH. 2006. Catalog

Tammy completed her massage therapy certification at Cortiva Institute - Somerset School of Massage Therapy, one of the most accredited massage schools in the United States. Her education included Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Sports and Prenatal Massage. She graduated with academic honors and was valedictorian of practical skills. Furthering her commitment to excellence in massage therapy, Tammy earned national certification by The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork which is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, the Accrediting Body of the National Organization for Competency Assurance.

Tammy trained in the Sivananda style of Yoga and completed an intensive Yoga Teacher training programme at the Freehold Yoga Center. Her Reiki training was done through The International Center for Reiki Training. Her physical fitness education and certifications were through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America®.



  • Testimonial

    "My healing with Tammy was amazing. I wanted to feel more connected and in alignment with all that was going on in my life. Tammy worked on my energy field in a caring compassionate manner and with a wisdom that was greater than her years. She supported me to go deeper and really connect with who I am. I could feel the blocks in my energy field activate and clear. She connected with me on a deep level and I could feel her compassion, intuition and caring as she worked.

    I have worked with lots of great healers and I would highly recommend Tammy for her knowledge, her compassion and her integrity. An awesome experience."

    - M. Molloy, RN, LMT
    New York, USA