How did A Gathering of Angels Healing come about?

A Gathering of Angels Healing came to be after I asked to be used to truly serve the highest good, to do the work of source and to reach all who want to be reached. Although I felt my healing science practice fulfilled this, there was a feeling in my soul that there was more for me to open to and share. I asked and the angels responded. I wasn''t knowingly directing my request to the angels!

What is A Gathering of Angels Healing?

I open to the Angels and Archangels and allow myself to be a channel for their healing vibration. Two things happen. I hold the space for their presence and vibration; I invoke them and support their presence as they fill the room with their healing vibration: and their healing vibration comes directly through me and I follow the organic flow and direct the healing to a specific person or animal, area of the physical body, an area of the room, etc. You may ask why the angels need me to direct the healing when they can be everywhere and just let it flow. I asked the angels this question during a healing when I thought I had done what was needed by opening and holding the space for them. They let me know that my hands have a purpose in the healing and they are meant to be used in assisting them. They told me that there are vibrations that my hands can emit that they are unable to. My hands are able to do healing in a way they cannot do without human hands. We are a team. Sometimes my hands are not needed and can be still as the angels work and other times my hands need to move.

How I learned about Angels and Angel Healing

I would like to begin with a question that came to me, "What does Angel healing have to do with healing science?" Well, if you consider that I learned to develop my high sense perception based on the principals of healing science, than it has a lot to do with it. I became aware of the angels through my heightened senses.

I came across angels in my healing months before I truly and fully opened up to them. Being a person of scientific background and having a need and like for the linear mind, I like to know that what I am doing or experiencing is real. When the Archangels started to enter my healings I knew nothing of them other than having heard their names and with some, I had never even had that. For example, I had heard the names Archangel Michael, Raphael and Gabriel but I had no knowledge of what they stood for or their healing powers. Archangel Gabriel came to me in a way that absolutely left me without a doubt or a question that my experience was real. I had no prior knowledge of Archangel Gabriel and yet after his visit I was able to go on to confirm all that he presented to me. I had never heard the name Archangel Uriel which again was perfect because my experience proved to me that I was really experiencing and learning in the moment rather than recalling what I had heard or was taught. Not that those are wrong ways to experience but, I prefer to have a personal experience so that when I share it through healings I know it to be genuine for me. Genuine in the sense that I have experienced it personally, in my own life and healing and that I have experienced it professionally, as a healer facilitating the healing.

What are Angels and Archangels?

Angels, which includes Archangels, are beings of a higher vibration than humans. I largely use my high sense perception of feeling - the kinaesthetic awareness of feeling with my hands even though I am not physically touching. This is often how I experience the angels, know they are present and know the difference between an angel and an Archangel. Each angel has their own vibration the same way we do. There is a hierarchy among angels and those higher on the hierarchy are of a higher vibration. Angels are beings who serve the will of the highest good. They do not have a will of their own the way humans do. They are here to serve us in reaching our purpose, to live fully, to love fully, to create unity and peace and to protect us. They are also here to help us in everyday activities such as finding a parking place, completing a work assignment, studying for and passing an examination and finding lost items. Angels are ready and willing to help us with all requests that come from a centred place of requesting help for our highest good. What does that mean? It means we are not asking out of fear - fear of not having enough, not being good enough, etc. It also means we are not asking out of the desire to acquire material possessions as a way of fulfilling ourselves. A request that is made from a place of a power struggle, the need to overcome another or a situation is not coming from a centred place.

What does this mean - your highest good?

There are times that we want something, be it a situation, a relationship what have you, and we have a specific way we want the outcome to be. We ask for help in creating this in our life and as we ask we have a very detailed picture of the result we want. Angels fulfil our requests based on what will help us fulfil our life purpose, bring us love, joy and peace and what will help us to fulfil our world purpose and bring love, joy and peace to all those we interact with. That''s a very large scope to consider when filling a request. I can say that not all of my requests have come from a place of considering my individual purpose, my world purpose, those around me and the world as a whole. Without that consideration how can I be aware of what is truly best for me. I am not allowing all that there is to be factored into my detailed picture. Not a complete detailed picture then, is it? The angels consider all that lies ahead of you, all that you are capable of, the many paths you will be presented with and can choose because you have free will and the situations you have chosen for growth. They respond to your request with a detailed picture custom made for your highest good. Remember, free will means we can choose and as such we can alter the path to our highest good.

All you need to do is ask

It''s that simple! Angels are ready and willing to assist in every moment but they cannot do so until they are asked to because they cannot interfere with human will. You simply need to ask for support, protection, guidance, a parking place, safe travel, healing, an open and forgiving heart, etc. - all that you ask for is received by the angels and they do what they can to fulfil your request according to your highest good.

There are times we take on illness or difficult situations or relations as a means of personal and spiritual growth - serving our highest good. Angles cannot interfere with your divine plan, that which you have chosen on a spiritual level so that you can fulfil your highest good. If you find that you have asked the angels for healing and there is no change, consider that you have chosen this for your learning and restate your request. Ask the angels to assist you in learning what it is you are meant to learn so that you can make change.

Our detailed picture limits what we can be aware of

When we have a detailed picture in our minds or have our "hearts set" on the outcome being "just like I imagined" we are not open to what is being presented. If we are looking for our request to be answered in a way that matches "our picture" we are setting ourselves up to miss the vast opportunities that are presented to us - the response to our request. I am asking you to seriously consider this. I know for me this was a big wakeup call. I have been a master of idealised images, detailed pictures and "just as I imagined" to the point that I could not see what was literally staring me in the face or laying down in front of me so I had to trip over it! I kept pushing it out of my way or mumbling not so under my breath as I tripped then turned to go in the other direction.

Angels and Religion

Angles are not of a religion. There are angels within religion but angels do not stem from any religion. Angels are found within religions because the people they are serving are within a religion. Your guardian angel, the angel which has been with you since incarnation, angels of love, peace, support, guidance, charity, travel, etc., do not come to you from a church or religion. They are high vibrational beings who come from pure love, peace, support, etc. to serve you.

What do Angels look like? How can you be aware of them?

My experience is that angels appear to us in a way that we can understand and relate to. Many tell me, and many books depict angels who appear with white feathered wings. I have experienced angels with wings and I have also experienced angels in human form. Perhaps you have too. Have you ever had an experience where you are helped by someone who literally seems to appear out of nowhere and then returns to nowhere? You may have asked others if they know this person or have ever seen them before and all the responses are "no". They came just when you needed them, helped you and then were off.

You may have vision and be able to see the angels the way you see the words you are reading; you may see them in your minds eye, receiving a picture or a movie which you can see in your mind; you may see colour, a swirl or a cloud of colour; you may sense them or feel them touch you; you may hear them sing, hear their music or hear their name; you may smell their fragrance; or you may have a knowing that they are present.

How you become aware of angels is unique to you

Each angel experience may be different than the previous. You may have a combined experience where for example you smell and feel an angel. Relax, state your intention to be open and to have the experience then allow yourself to receive what comes to you. Allow yourself to have no preconception of what your experience will be. In this way, you are open to EVERYTHING your experience may be! Do not be discouraged if you feel you are not sensing the angels. It may take a little time for you to relax enough and to increase your normal sense perception. You can also ask the angels to slow down so that you can sense them. Angels have to change their vibration so that we are able to sense them with our normal senses.

It is most certainly my pleasure to share the angelic realm of healing with you.

With Angel blessings...

Yours in healing,


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"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Maya Angelou

  • Testimonial

    "Large Angels were in each corner of the front of the room. I couldn''t tell which Archangel was on the left but he was very big, huge wings. A large Archangel was in the center of the rear of the room."

    "For sometime, I have had this spasm in my left hip, and although it was not too painful when it did catch, it was uncomfortable. Well while you were giving us healing, my hip started to twitch a bit, but nothing too bad. However, when I got into the car and started driving home, the twitch got more and more violent. In fact had I not been driving an automatic, I would have had to stop driving. Anyway I got home and it went off during the night. Well since then, I have had only the very occasional small twitch and I am convinced that bad twitching after the healing was the problem leaving my body." Four weeks later..."My hip has been fine and I have been feeling on top of the world."

    "I was above my body outside of the building looking down at it and there was light, bright light bursting out of the windows and the doors. The vibration was amazing. It moved out into Henley."

    "I slept the best I have done for AGES! And I feel more in control of things today."

    "The Peace of last night is still with me - Thank you for initiating and guiding this lovely evening in Henley! I saw Angels filling the room."

    "I do feel healing in my wrist!!!"

    "I don''t know what you did but my pain is gone. I''ve had that pain for years!"

    "Clarity around a family situation, a sense of direction and knowing what steps are needed."

    "I could feel you working even though my eyes were closed. I opened my eyes and you WERE working with me!"

    "I felt tingling in my hands. I became very warm."

    "I felt the healing. I felt the healing in my feet."

    "I felt very light and lifted."

    "My face was tingling and I felt warm."