Reiki For Animals

Rei means universal. Ki is life energy and is the primary energy of emotions and thoughts. Reiki is the universal life energy that flows within and around all living things.

Reiki is a Japanese technique that is both gentle and powerful. The practitioner is a channel for the healing powers of Reiki. The Reiki energy naturally flows where the animal needs it most. When the animal has received what is needed, the flow of Reiki decreases or stops.

Animals are very sensitive to energy. They become curious when offered Reiki and often sniff my hands or choose to sit between my hands. It is not uncommon for animals to position their area of discomfort up against the therapist''s hand.

Reiki is non-invasive and painless which allows for an atmosphere of trust and relaxation. The gentle nature of Reiki along with the property of going where it is needed allows the animal to take what they need without feeling forced. The animal''s sense of control facilitates the benefits of the Reiki treatment.

Reiki Can Be Effective In:

maintaining health, healing physical illness and injury, behavioural issues, post-surgical healing, enhancing conventional and other complementary therapies, lessening side effects of other treatments, healing emotional problems after trauma, abuse or neglect, healing nervousness, fear and trust issues, inducing relaxation, easing travel or relocation and supporting a dying animal.

Reiki From A Distance

Reiki offered from a distance is as effective as hands-on. The distance may be a few feet or across the globe.

Some animals prefer to receive Reiki from a distance.

Small animals such as birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, frogs and lizards may find the initial flow of Reiki energy too intense. As the treatment progresses they may become more comfortable and move closer or want to be held. The animal is in control which allows for trust and relaxation.

Animals that are nervous, have trust issues, have suffered trauma, abuse or neglect may initially choose to receive their Reiki treatment from a distance. As the Reiki treatments bring emotional healing these animals often move closer and may accept hands on treatment.

Travel or Relocation can be stressful for animals. Whether it''s a trip to the vet, a family holiday or a different town your pet may need support. Receiving Reiki treatments while in transit can promote a feeling of safety and relaxation, maintain physical health and promote a healthy emotional transition.

Animal Communication

I came across my natural ability to communicate with animals through my desire to tell my pets "I love you!" and bridge us when I was traveling. I then realized there was no need to limit our communication to when I was traveling! I began communicating with my family''s pets and later completed a course with animal communicator Charlene Boyd.

How I Communicate

I use high sense perception. High sense perception is a heightened state of the normal senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting. I connect to the animal, introduce myself, ask if I can talk with them and wait for their reply. Once the animal has agreed to talk with me I ask general questions to build a rapport. There have been times I haven''t needed to ask a question as the animal is happy to share what they are doing, how they are feeling, what they like and what they don''t like. Once a rapport has been established, I ask more specific questions based on the concerns of the animal''s guardian.

High sense perception is not restricted by time or space; this allows me to connect from a distance.

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