Inspired by Maypo ♥
My beloved feline friend, child, teacher... who graced my life for twenty years 

With great love, this journal has been Blessed By Angels.

Through my work with The Angels, I have been guided to create Blessing Journals.  It is the prayer of The Angels that the journal be used by the holder to share their dreams; to share their passions ~ what they long to manifest; to create comfort and a sense of knowing that all that is shared is held in the arms of The Angels and all heavenly beings to bring about the highest good.  I share this prayer with The Angels.

I have channelled angel blessings and infused your journal with their grace, love and blessings.  In blessing your journal, I held you and your beautiful essence in my awareness.  Your journal is specific to you.  On the left inside cover of your journal I have written the name of a beautiful benevolence that became present during the channelling.  This beautiful benevolence brought specific blessings to your journal.

It has been a privilege and my pleasure to hold your beautiful essence in my awareness and channel angel blessings to create your Blessed By Angels JournalTM.  May your journal bring you pleasure.  I invite you to write your name in your journal as your heart feels called.

With great love and many blessings,

Tammy Marinaro